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January 20th, 2018
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What’s The Difference Between Holistics Medicine vs. Homeopathy?

What’s The Difference Between Holistic Medicine vs. Homeopathy?

There are significant differences between holistic medicine vs. homeopathy, as the two are different types of healing practices. True, both differ from traditional Western medicine, and both may even involve the same courses of treatment.

However, each is vastly different in scope.

Homeopathy relies far more upon traditional and natural remedies, whereas holistic healing is an approach to healing that aims to treat the entire patient, rather than a mere symptom or disease, with any and all means available.

It’s like the difference between a placekicker and a football team. One is a very specific position with a defined role, the other is made up of players each with their own defined roles.

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, in an essential definition, is a type of healing practice that uses natural and traditional remedies to treat illnesses. This can include certain types of foods and nutritional approaches, as well as plants and herbs that are known to have healing properties.

While some are quick to dismiss homeopathy, remember that the birth control pill, aspirin, and many other medications that are relied upon to improve and even save people’s lives today were developed from plants and herbs that were used medicinally. In other words, homeopathy was part of medicine for longer than it hasn’t been.

Homeopathic treatments often called “remedies,” are naturally-sourced medicinal compounds that work with the body to induce healing for all sorts of common ailments such as fever, coughs and colds, headaches, asthma and many other ailments.

Serious illness, of course, should be addressed by a physician as well, though homeopathic remedies can assist in conjunction with modern medical treatments. However, homeopathic remedies have been relied upon for thousands of years because they work, so there’s good reason to consider homeopathy services.

Holistic Medicine Is A Holistic Treatment Of The Whole Patient

However, holistic medicine – vs homeopathy –  is a philosophy of medical practice that takes the entire patient into consideration as well as embraces many different types of therapies. A holistic medical treatment plan can include homeopathy, as well as acupuncture, psychological and spiritual counseling, nutrition and exercise regiments, modern medicine and any other treatments that can benefit the patient.

Put differently, the goal of holistic medicine is to treat the entire patient – not just what ails them – with whatever tool is available and will benefit the patient. Homeopathy, of course, can be just one of those tools.

A person suffering from epilepsy, for instance, may be put on a medication regimen as well as ketogenic diet – a proven nutritional approach to treating epilepsy – in conjunction with spiritual counseling with the religious practitioner of their choice, in addition to any other treatments that may be of use. That’s a more holistic regimen; treating the physical symptoms as well as any emotional, spiritual or mental needs of the patient.

It’s a whole course of treatment for a patient as they are more than just the sum of their ailments.

Homeopathy vs Holistic Medicine: Type Vs Approach To Treatment

So, the difference of homeopathy vs. holistic medicine is that one is a type of treatment and at that, a specific one. The other is an approach to treating people.

To return to the football analogy, a placekicker is a football player but kicks the ball when it’s time for him to do so. A football team, on the other hand, is the whole team – which is comprised of a number of skill players that each have a specific job to do. There are players who throw, players who catch, players who tackle, players who block and players who kick, but all of them are football players.

Similarly, homeopathy is a type of medical practice with a very specific focus. Holistic medicine, however, is a way of treating people that use many different approaches, which can certainly include homeopathy, to treat the whole patient.

Though in either case, treating the patient is the goal.