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February 19th, 2018
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Pharmaceuticals Services

What are Pharmaceuticals?

With certain health situations, pharmaceutical drugs are helpful and even necessary. Common pharmaceuticals prescribed include thyroid hormones and bio-identical hormones. Pharmaceutical drugs are powerful and can control various conditions quickly, which is sometimes crucial.

How are Pharmaceuticals Administered?

Depending upon the health issue, lab tests may be required before a pharmaceutical is prescribed. Once on the pharmaceutical, monitoring with office visits and repeat lab tests may be required. Pharmaceuticals require a prescription and are commonly taken as a: tablet, capsule, liquid, topical cream/ointment, and/or an injectable. Your treatment plan may include the use of pharmaceuticals, depending upon your health condition, the severity of your condition, your current medications, and your lifestyle.

Why are Pharmaceuticals Needed?

The prescribing of pharmaceuticals seem to be the backbone of the current medical model in the United States. CDC drug statistics indicate that 75% of physician office visits involve drug therapy, most frequently: analgesics, antihyperlipidemic agents, and antidepressants. Naturopathic medicine attempts use prescription drugs only when necessary, instead of returning to the foundation of health by focusing on lifestyle (sleep, exercise, stress relief), removing obstacles to health, strongly supporting a healthful diet, and initially using traditional, gentle therapies. However, there is a time and place for everything. In medicine, it can be imperative to use pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are powerful and can control various conditions quickly. Depending upon the stage of disease or condition, pharmaceuticals may be the best method of treatment for hormonal issues (hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc.), infections, chronic conditions (i.e. heart disease and kidney disease), etc.

Are Pharmaceuticals Safe?

The safety profile varies dramatically depending upon the pharmaceutical. Pharmaceuticals are powerful can may cause adverse effects. Adverse effects (aka side effects) vary considerably from drug to drug. If a pharmaceutical is recommended or prescribed the plan, alternatives, risks, and questions you may have will be addressed during the visit.