Spokane Naturopathic Medicine | Doctor Lindsay Donahue
January 20th, 2018
It’s time to reach your health potential.

Natural Sports Medicine- NSAIDs disrupt healing & benefits of Magnesium


For optimal post-exercise healing and strength, don’t immediately reach for an NSAID. Instead of reaching for Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin, consider taking an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Pain is caused from inflammation. NSAIDs stop inflammation through cox-2 inhibition, and at the same time, they stop the healing process. It has been shown that NSAIDS cause increased degradation of cartilage because of cox-2 inhibition. After rigorous exercise the healing process is important to strengthen and repair the muscles, cartilage, and joints. Omega 3 fatty acids decrease inflammation without shutting down the healing mechanism.

Muscles use calcium as part of the contraction process. Magnesium helps with spasms and tight muscles by acting as a calcium channel blocker.The Standard American Diet is low in Magnesium. This mineral can provide more pain relief for people with tight, stiff muscles than nearly any other nutrient (or drug). Magnesium is essential in several hundred chemical reactions in the body, including energy producing systems. Magnesium may be the key electrolyte that you are missing.