Spokane Naturopathic Medicine | Doctor Lindsay Donahue
January 20th, 2018
It’s time to reach your health potential.

Making Happiness a Habit


Do you desire happiness? Happiness is a state of mind, you need the freedom to choose it.

As strange as it may seam, many people choose to be unhappy. People hold on to old mental patterns for so long that it feels strange to be happy. There is a story of a woman in England who had rheumatism for years. She would pat her knee and say, ” My rheumatism is bad today. I cannot go out. My rheumatism keeps me miserable.” She received attention from neighbors and family, she enjoyed her “misery.”

Too be happy you must sincerely desire to be happy. An Irish farmer choose happiness, he was always singing and whistling. Every morning after rising and every evening before going to sleep he would bless his family, the cattle, and thank God for the wonderful harvest. Start each day with kind and good words towards yourself and a prayer, choose happiness. You will be a joyful person.