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January 20th, 2018
It’s time to reach your health potential.

How to Stay Healthy This Winter

7 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

Winter brings with it not only the cold temperatures and increase in precipitation, but also a number of major health risks. Disease thrives in the cold and wet, so it is imperative to stay healthy during the winter season.

Doing so takes mindfulness and managing health risks. What, though, are the things you need to do in order to manage those risks? Here are 7 top tips for staying healthy this winter, which will help keep you in top shape through the season.

Pick An Appropriate Hand Washing Soap…And Wash Your Hands

Washing one’s hands is one of the most basic but also overlooked things that should be done for one’s health. You should be washing your hands, and for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

However, you want to pick the right soap and believe it or not, anti-bacterial soaps are not the right choice. Anti-bacterial agents such as triclosan can be toxic, and as more antibacterial agents are employed by humans, the more bacterial resistances evolve to counter them. So, opt for a good, normal soap.

It’s Okay To Stay Home With A Winter Cold

Another good tip to keep you healthy this winter is to know that it’s okay to stay home…and also know when to do so. Millions of work hours are lost every year to worker illnesses caused by employees reporting to work when they shouldn’t have, opting to suffer when they should be at home recuperating. This gets other workers sick, who then either miss time or get more employees sick in turn.

This could be cut down on by staying home if you get a seasonal bug instead of trying to fight through it. Some employers allow workers to work from home as well; if able to, working from home is a great compromise that should be made if you’re feeling ill.

Clean Home Surfaces This Winter

If you get ill, one of the things you should be doing is cleaning any surfaces that you touch. High-traffic areas such as the refrigerator, kitchen, television remote controls and bathroom surfaces should get a wipedown with an all purpose cleaner or cleaning wipes; Lysol wipes are invaluable for this job.

If you get sick, make sure to wipe common surfaces down. This will keep others from getting sick.

Get Your Flu Shot

It’s true that a flu shot won’t guarantee you won’t get the flu; an influenza vaccine only inoculates you from certain strains of the flu, after all, and you don’t know which strains you’ll be subjected to. That said, it will drastically reduce the chances you’ll get it.

Many companies even offer free flu shots for employees. If your employer does so, take advantage.

Make Healthy Food Choices to Help Stay Healthy This Winter

So many health problems are caused by the standard American diet. Winter is also a time of great temptation, as one is often tempted to eat hearty roasts with gravy, pasta and other comfort foods.

You shouldn’t.

One of the best health tips and definitely a good tip for staying healthy this winter is to make sure you still eat a well-balanced assortment of foods. Get plenty of vegetables and stay away from foods high on the glycemic index. Be very, very moderate in consuming sweets and stay away from sugary sodas.

Bears and other animals need to fatten up for the winter; they live outside. You, however, don’t. So keep your clinical nutrition in mind this winter.

Stay Away From Sick People If Well And Well People If Sick

Proximity is how any disease is spread. Germs jump from one person to another, whether by contact or by airborne means. How to avoid getting sick? Keep your distance from sick people. That will definitely help keep you healthy this winter.

Additionally, you should keep your distance if you get sick. After all, you don’t want to get someone else sick.

Cover Your Mouth If You Cough Or Sneeze

If you get hit with the flu, a cold or other infection, make sure to cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze. While this won’t prevent germs from spreading, it will ensure that you aren’t emitting bodily fluids rife with bacteria at everyone in the room. Use your hand, a handkerchief or the crook of your elbow.

Then make sure to wash your hands.