Spokane Naturopathic Medicine | Doctor Lindsay Donahue
January 20th, 2018
It’s time to reach your health potential.

Naturopathic Medicine: How Does It Benefit You?

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What Is Naturopathic Medicine and How Does It Work?

Remember back to a time when your skin got a cut, maybe a paper cut. It bleeds, flushing out bacteria and dirt, then you might clean it and leave it alone; maybe you put a bandaid on it to protect it. In a couple of days it heals up beautifully.

This is the beauty of the human body. We are designed to heal.

But let’s pretend that instead of allowing the wound to heal, we continuously brush it and rub against it. In this scenario the wound is not allow to heal. The irritated wound may get infected and scar. This leads to adaptive physiology, the wound tries to heal appropriately, but has to adapt to the situation.

Naturopathic medicine works by normalizing your physiology (the proper functioning of the human body). Once your physiology is corrected the pathology goes away. Your body wants to heal; it is designed to heal. Pathological [otherwise known as: disease/chronic conditions] change is really “Adaptive Physiology.” Your body has no other option and is forced to compensate in this manner.

How to Approach Naturopathic Healing

Healing will occur if given the chance. What I do as a naturopathic doctor is discuss possible obstacles to healing which may be affecting you and work on repairing the systems that are not allowing proper functioning, such as: Poor diet, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, imbalances of the immune-hormonal-neurotransmitter systems, poor sleep, chemical toxicities, sluggish metabolic systems, heavy metal exposures (amalgam fillings, water from lead pipes, etc.), radiation exposures, pathogen overgrowth (bacteria, virus’s, yeast, parasites), and emotional toxicities (negative self-talk, etc.). “Better living through chemistry” brought both convenience and exposures to toxic chemicals and endocrine-mimicking plastics. Advances in electronics and building materials made heavy metal exposures more prevalent. Generally, the world is becoming more toxic, and most people are deficient in vital nutrients; which slow healing or results in adaptive physiological changes (i.e. disease, chronic conditions).

Often pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed once you are diagnosed with a chronic condition. Unfortunately, drugs are not designed to normalize physiology, because of this, it is impossible for a drug to heal you or to even promote healing. Pharmaceuticals remove the symptom, possibly requiring life long use. True healing is only accomplished by your body.

When it concerns your health care, you have options.