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June 28th, 2017
It’s time to reach your health potential.


5 Benefits Of Acupuncture That You Shouldn’t Overlook

Acupuncture Treatments Benefits As a form of treatment for a great many common afflictions, there are great benefits to acupuncture. You...

Liquid Gold (Bone Broth)

There is nothing like relaxing with hot delicious broth on a chilly autumn day. Bone broth is a traditional medicine and food, some have given...
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How is your Blood Sugar?

Many Americans have diabetes: 29.1 million (9.3%) Americans have diabetes. Diabetes is one of the silent diseases, requiring a simple test for...

Eating with the Season: Autumn

Many traditional cultures (including: Ayurvedic tradition and Chinese medicine tradition) eat according to seasons. In Chinese medicine the...
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Staying Well in Cold Season: Anti-bacterial Soaps are not Anti-viral!

The number one method of cold prevention is good hygiene and preventing transmission of the cold virus. Catching a cold can be as easy as...

Is a Doctor a Deus or Docere?

I spoke to a nursing student recently. As I spoke to her about her school and studies I ended up telling her that I am a Naturopathic Doctor....

Whole Food Supplements

Micheal Pollan's "In defense of food" discusses the history of American food, and the rise of nutritionism. Where a single nutrient is embraced...
Barefoot In Grass

Touching the Earth

Remember as children running barefoot on soil? Do you recall sleeping on the ground under the stars on a family camping trip? When’s the last...

Weight-loss, Weight-gain and Dietary Fat

We as a nation are getting fatter. In 2011 The Lancet study statistics state that 7 out of 10 Americans are overweight or obese . . . that’s...
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Microbial Friends: Molding the Immune System

Human bodies are essentially ecosystems. Microbes live on and in us. On skin and within intestines (among other places). We have a symbiotic...
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