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August 22nd, 2017
It’s time to reach your health potential.


A Brief Guide To Holistic Medicine

  Guide To Holistic Medicine   What is holistic medicine? Holistic medicine is an approach to health that looks beyond the...

5 Benefits Of Acupuncture That You Shouldn’t Overlook

Acupuncture Treatments Benefits As a form of treatment for a great many common afflictions, there are great benefits to acupuncture. You...

Liquid Gold (Bone Broth)

There is nothing like relaxing with hot delicious broth on a chilly autumn day. Bone broth is a traditional medicine and food, some have given...
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How is your Blood Sugar?

Many Americans have diabetes: 29.1 million (9.3%) Americans have diabetes. Diabetes is one of the silent diseases, requiring a simple test for...

Eating with the Season: Autumn

Many traditional cultures (including Ayurvedic tradition and Chinese medicine tradition) eat according to seasons. In Chinese medicine, the...
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Staying Well in Cold Season: Anti-bacterial Soaps are not Anti-viral!

Natural Cold Prevention During Flue Season The number one method of cold prevention is good hygiene and preventing transmission of the cold...

Is a Doctor a Deus or Docere?

What Does a Naturopathic Doctor Do? I spoke to a nursing student recently. As I spoke to her about her school and studies I ended up telling...

Whole Food Supplements

Oganic Whole Foods Supplements Micheal Pollan’s “In defense of food” discusses the history of American food, and the rise of...
Barefoot In Grass

Touching the Earth

Surprising Benefits of Barefoot Walks in Nature Remember as children running barefoot on soil? Do you recall sleeping on the ground under the...

Weight-loss, Weight-gain and Dietary Fat

Obesity is a Serious Health Concern We as a nation are getting fatter. In 2011 The Lancet study statistics state that 7 out of 10 Americans are...
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